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Zoo quests at Kharkiv schools
01 February 2020

Today Kharkiv Zoo has visited a special school # 5 for children with hearing impairments. We arrived with a biological quest. The traditional 5 posts awaited for the students: "Who is faster?", "Memorization", "Who lives where?", "Who is superfluous?", "Whose children are there?" We did not adapt the program and tasks. The only difference is that teachers were present at each post as sign language interpreters. Accordingly, we increased the time for completing tasks. But the teachers also decided not to stand aside, they were literally captured by the atmosphere of competition and thirst for victory. However, our lecturers have dotted all the ands: the participants are children. And the children turned out to be very creative and active. The names of the teams were "Champions", "Smile", "Cow", "Rainbow". The teams were mixed: each had students from 6 to 11 grades.

The victory was won by a team called "Cow". The kids turned out to be the most resourceful. They very quickly realized that a cheetah, for example, can reach a speed of 110 km / h, and a hippopotamus is faster than a person and runs at a speed of 46 km / h. Of course, for the victory and participation, all participants received gifts from Kharkiv Zoo. And the knowledge that they received as a result of the quest will help in learning. According to the school director Olga Miroshnik, such quests are very important for children, as they contribute to the formation of a respectful attitude towards nature and instill a love for animals. As for the children, their delight knew no bounds: they competed and learned a lot of interesting things!

Quests and educational lectures are free. For all questions, please call 050 301 37 75