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Monkey green
Monkey green
Originally from Africa, elegant, active and inquisitive.
Type: Chordates
Class: Mammals
Order: Primates
Family: Marmosets
Genus: Green monkeys
Species: Green Monkey
General Settings
  • It is found in Ethiopia, south-eastern Sudan and northern Kenya.
  • The length of the body reaches 49 cm, the tail-50 cm.
  • Weight – 3.5-8 kg.
  • The diet is dominated by plant food: herbs, leaves, seeds, a variety of fruits, in addition, it eats insects, small vertebrates and clutches of small birds.
  • Life expectancy is up to 12 years on average.

The green monkey is a slender ape with a tough coat of olive-green hair. His face is fringed with white sideburns. The cheek pouches are well developed.

Social behavior

Communities that include males and females with young can number from 50 to 80 individuals, with the number of males and females being approximately the same. Each group occupies a certain territory.


Pregnancy lasts approximately 165 days. Usually only one cub is born. This is due to the need to carry it with you all the time. Babies are born sighted, with pink skin and dark brown hair.

Species and people

Green monkeys are one of the most important objects of scientific research in various fields of biology and medicine, especially in the field of immunology and the production of vaccines against polio and smallpox. For this purpose, animals from the nurseries of primatological centers are used.

Interesting Facts

Green monkeys take care of each other's skin and hair. So-called grooming is the most important way to establish lasting social connections.

At the sight of a leopard, a flying eagle or a crawling snake, the green monkey makes completely different special calls, and acts differently: it hides from the eagle in dense branches, from the leopard it climbs a higher tree, and carefully looks out for the snake.

Current status in wildlife
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