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Long-eared owl
Long-eared owl
The most common and numerous owl in Ukraine. It even nests in city gardens and parks.
Type: Chordates
Class: Birds
Order: Owls
Family: Owls
Genus: Long-eared owls
Species: Long-eared owl
General Settings
  • Widely distributed in Eurasia, North America and northwest Africa.
  • Body length - up to 37 cm. Wingspan - up to 100 cm.
  • Weight - 250-300 g.
  • The basis of the diet is made up of murine rodents and large insects.
  • Life expectancy in nature is up to 11 years.

A long-eared owl can turn its head 270 degrees.

Social behavior

During the nesting period, long-eared owls live in pairs. During autumn and winter migrations, unlike other species of owls, they gather in groups of 5-10 (sometimes up to 50) individuals.


Long-eared owls use the nests of magpies, ravens or birds of prey for breeding. In clutch, as a rule, there are 5-7 eggs, which the female incubates for about 26-28 days. Both parents feed the kids. Grown-up chicks get out of the nest and sit nearby. Even at a young age, owlets acquire short "ears". Chicks are very “noisy”, begging for food: they whistle, squeak and squeak.

Species and people

A long-eared owl does not avoid humans. Eagerly nests in gardens and parks, destroying mice and rats in the city.

Interesting Facts

The long-eared owl is often confused with the owl, but the owl is much larger, moreover, its eyes are orange, while the owl's eyes are yellow.

According to ringing data, the oldest long-eared owl lived 29 years and 9 months.

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