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Common peacock
Common peacock
One of the most beautiful birds in the world because of its luxurious plumage.
Type: Chordates
Class: Birds
Order: Chicken
Family: Pheasant
Genus: Peacocks
Species: Common peacock
General Settings
  • Distribution - Widely distributed in forests and savannas on the Indian subcontinent and the island of Sri Lanka.
  • Body length - up to 125 cm. Tail length - 40 - 50 cm, uppertail feathers - 120 - 160 cm.
  • Weight - up to 4 kg.
  • The main food is seeds and green parts of plants, berries and fruits, invertebrates, small frogs, lizards, rodents and snakes.
  • Life expectancy is 15-20 years.

In India, peacocks are often kept to fight snakes. Of course, this bird will not touch large venomous snakes, but willingly pecks at their young.

Social behavior

Peacocks usually keep in small groups. Peacocks are polygamous, therefore in the group, as a rule, one dominant male and his "harem" of 3-5 females. During the non-breeding season, peacocks can often be found in flocks of 40-50 individuals. Peacocks are shy and cautious, so they often warn of danger with their loud cries. Birds spend the night and rest high in the trees. Peacocks have enough enemies, so such precautions are vital for them.


The beginning of nesting is preceded by mating games - it is during this period that you can see how the males unfurl their chic "fans", shout and shake their upper tail feathers. Peacocks nests are located on the ground in secluded places, but they can also be on trees and on roofs. Clutch contains 4 to 10 eggs. Only female incubates for 28 days. Chicks, like all chickens, can follow their mother on their own soon after hatching.

Species and people

Peacocks were domesticated in India about 4000 years ago and are still considered a sacred bird. In ancient times, peacocks were pets throughout the Mediterranean. In Greek mythology, the peacock was the favorite bird of the goddess Hera. In the Middle Ages, a fan of peacock feathers in ladies' hands meant belonging to the upper strata of society. The knights also used feathers to decorate their helmets.

Interesting Facts

In fact, the "tail" (tail feathers) of peacocks is small and unremarkable. The uppertail feathers, forming a beautiful "fan", grow on the loin above the steering feather.

One of the constellations in the Southern Hemisphere is called "Peacock".

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