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Giant African land snail
Giant African land snail
The world's largest land snail.
Type: Shellfish
Class: Gastropoda
Order: Pulmonary snails
Family: Ehnicity
Genus: Achatina
Species: Giant Achatina
General Settings
  • Its habitat is East Africa.
  • The width of the shell reaches 7 cm, the length – more than 20 cm.
  • Weight – up to 600 g.
  • They feed on both living plants and plant residues. The diet also includes vegetables and fruits.
  • Life expectancy – up to 10 years.

African Achatina is one of the biggest land snail on Earth.

Social behavior

They are mostly nocturnal. In the daytime, they "rest" in secluded places, burrowing into the soil. The exception is wet weather. Then the snails can crawl out during the day.


The giant achatina is a hermaphrodite and, with a low population, is able to self-fertilize. In addition, the snail can store sperm for two years after mating, using it to fertilize the maturing eggs. The number of eggs in a clutch can reach 200-300. The embryos develop within about two to three weeks. Sometimes it's faster.

Species and people

Due to its omnivorous nature outside of its natural range, it is a threat to some native plant species, and is also a carrier of a type of parasitic nematode that is dangerous to humans. But there is also a benefit from giant achatina: it is a source of some medicinal substances and a valuable protein product. Shellfish are mass-grown on specialized farms in a number of tropical and subtropical countries, after which they are exported to Europe and the United States.

Interesting Facts

From Achatina deaf.

It is a peddler of one of the types of phytophthora that affects cocoa, papaya, coconut, and vanilla.

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