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the zoo
Young colleagues
06 January 2022

In the midst of the New Year holidays, our colleagues - young people from the city of Kramatorsk came to Kharkiv Zoo.  The surprises of winter weather did not become an obstacle for an interesting excursion around the zoo.

Acquaintance with animals began with the "Planet of the Apes" exposition area and continued in all locations.  The variety of animals and their living conditions did not leave our guests indifferent.  The guys enthusiastically walked around the zoo and learned a lot about our wards.  Only not all the animals were seen.  At this time of year, bears and some other animals sleep, and there are those who hide in secluded corners, waiting for the evening - a more comfortable pastime for themselves.

Young colleagues really liked Kharkiv Zoo.  The interest in animals captivated the children, and the opportunity to see animals and birds very close is an excellent reason to continue learning about the wonderful world of nature.