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World Day for Endangered Species
21 May 2021

World Day for Endangered Species will be on May 21st.  This day is celebrated on the third Friday in May.  It was established by the United States Congress in 2006.  The goal of the ecological day is aimed at educating people about the global importance of protecting endangered species of animals, plants and other living organisms, as well as the actions that need to be taken to protect them and then preserve them.

Endangered species are biological species that are threatened with extinction.  This is a major environmental problem.  In the biosphere of our planet, all species are somehow interconnected and the disappearance of even one, even if it seems insignificant to someone, will have a negative impact on other species.

Animal species suffer mainly from habitat loss and degradation.  In addition, the extinction of fauna is accompanied by the overexploitation of fish, birds, mammals, overfishing and poaching, pollution of natural ecosystems, the import of alien (invasive) species (animals, plants, fungi), outbreaks of infectious and parasitic diseases, as well as catastrophic rates of climate change.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) made observations and made disappointing conclusions about changes in animal populations in the wild.  Their total number has already decreased by about 38%, freshwater species - by 81%, marine species have decreased by about 36%.

Wildlife is disappearing at great speed.  And biodiversity is at the heart of the health of forests, rivers and oceans.  Without these or those species, the process of destruction of the ecosystems in which they lived is launched, which is already dangerous not only for fish and animals, but also for humans.  As a result, this will lead to a shortage of clean air, water and food.