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the zoo
"Winter Quest"
13 December 2021

On December 12, Kharkiv Zoo hosted the first of New Year's holidays "Winter Day". According to a long tradition, we invited families and children of the Public Association of Large Families "AMMA" to visit our zoo and play an exciting quest game together! After all, the onset of cold weather is not a reason to relax and spend your free time inactive. In addition, in winter you can watch many animals in the zoo, only some of our residents go into hibernation. Others, on the contrary, are waiting for winter and will not miss the opportunity to play in the fresh air.

Our "Winter Quest" consisted of thematic quizzes and master classes from zoo workers. The participants learned even more interests about animals that live in the cold almost all their lives, learned how to make bird feeders and played the role of a hamster waiting for the arrival of winter. In addition, special excursions were held. During which our guests learned how the animals living in the zoo prepare for winter and cold.

Such an active day ended with the presentation of sweet gifts from the Kharkiv mayor Igor Terekhov. So, everyone was left with unforgettable impressions!