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Winged Lake Dwellers
07 May 2021

Kharkiv Zoo has a wonderful tradition to meet the first really warm days by moving our birds to a spacious lake in Gorky Park.  One of the most beloved places of Kharkiv citizens and guests of the city can no longer be imagined without the feathered representatives of the animal kingdom.

This time all warm seasons we will be delighted with a pair of mute swans, 6 Canadian geese and 5 red ducks.  The birds very well and calmly endured the move, since this is not the first time they are going on such a business trip.  At first, the birds explored a new territory, calling out to other fellows with loud bird calls.

For the next hour, the zoo staff watched the behavior of the birds and, making sure that they were swimming together, returned to the zoo, and our waterfowl remained in the water spaces of Gorky Park tirelessly to delight adults and young visitors of the park all summer long, creating a unique atmosphere of this cozy corner of our city.