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The Fascinating Gondwana

Kharkiv Zoo is in the heat of reconstruction. And it is good for training of young biologists in the zoo. So, the next lecture for the young naturalists was held not in the house of young naturalists, it was in the new premises of the Gondwana complex. Gondwana is the name of an ancient megacontinent, which was separated into landmasses at the Dinosaurs Age , including South America, Africa, Madagascar, India, Antarctica and Australia. And since the new complex will be home for the inhabitants of South America, Africa and Australia, it was decided to name this part Gondwana.

The topic of the lecture was devoted to the animals that had already settled here first, namely South American and African primates. The children had the opportunity to examine and compare the monkeys of the New World and the Old World, which are also called broad-nosed and narrow-nosed primates. Spacious and bright aviaries, glass fencing allow primates to fully express themselves, and young naturalists-to see the monkeys up close, take a good look at their features and clearly make sure that primates from different continents really do not look like each other. The various contents of the aviary make it fascinating to conduct observations and allow you to visually compare the behavior and movement patterns of such species as South American marmosets and brown capuchins, as well as green monkeys from Africa.

For young naturalists, such classes are very useful and interesting! This gives them a great opportunity to feel like a part of Kharkiv Zoo, the zoo of the future.