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Trail owner
04 November 2021

Its rightful owner, the Amur tiger Elisey, has finally entered the Tiger Trail.  Step by step, the handsome man is mastering his new possessions in the exhibition "Tiger Trail", which covers an area of ​​almost 5000 m².  And these are the largest Amur tiger enclosures in Ukraine, highly appreciated by the EAZA European Amur Tiger Breeding Program.

Picturesque hills covered with lush greenery, stones, driftwood and logs - all this together creates an amazing atmosphere.  To prevent Elisey from getting bored and training his muscles, a feed post is installed in the aviary, because food needs to be obtained, as well as a variety of climbing platforms.  The tiger is becoming more and more curious about the pool.  Elisey is very fond of water procedures and what is connected with water - rain, snow - but so far he does not even dare to touch the water, he treats everything with caution.  He slowly walks around his possessions or rests, carefully peering into the distance.