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Tourism day
24 September 2021

Tourism actively maintains a high level of cultural enrichment, gives a huge boost of vigor, contributes to the prosperity and well-being of tourist regions.  The General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization at the UN, established an international holiday - "World Tourism Day", which was proposed to be celebrated on September 27.  The purpose of this holiday was not only the promotion of tourism, but also broad coverage of its contribution to the economy of both individual regions and the world community as a whole.  Many countries have supported the initiative of this respected world organization.  For example, in independent Ukraine, the World Tourism Day was additionally enshrined by the decree of the President of Ukraine and has the name "Tourism Day", also celebrated on September 27.

As part of the celebration of the World Tourism Day and the Day of Tourism in Ukraine on September 23, a meeting of the tourist council at Kharkiv city mayor was held at Kharkiv Zoo.  Within the framework of the meeting, the members of the tourist council and representatives of travel agencies of the city of Kharkiv were presented with the Gratitude of Kharkiv mayor and, of course, the meeting ended with a visual acquaintance of the participants with the inhabitants of the zoo and the exposition areas of one of the leading tourist sites of our city.  We are confident that our zoo will become a serious element of the tourism and investment cluster formed in Kharkiv.