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Jack’s pumpkins

On the night of October 31 to November 1, the Celtic holiday of Halloween is celebrated, which dates back to ancient times.  Then people believed that during this period the doors to the other world were opened.

The autumn holiday Halloween has already become a tradition in many zoos around the world, including Kharkiv Zoo.  This time, the young naturalists of Kharkiv Zoo decided to please our animals.  Sutra they listened to a lecture on the traditions of celebrating Halloween, and then armed with all the necessary tools, they began to create tasty and healthy Jack pumpkins, but instead of candles, they filled them with food suitable for this or that animal.

This practice is useful and interesting, not only for our young naturalists, but also for animals: some of them are attracted by the pumpkin as an element of entertainment, while others are more interested in the content.  In both cases, such elements of enriching the environment bring a lot of positive emotions and new impressions, both to the creators of Jack's pumpkins and to the host our animals.