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The zoo is learning
08 June 2021

Learning always opens up new horizons.  Guided by this principle, Kharkiv Zoo has begun a series of trainings for its employees.  The idea was borrowed from colleagues from Kiev Zoo, where such events have shown great efficiency.  For us, on the eve of the opening of the updated zoo, which has undergone a large-scale reconstruction, trainings allow us to refresh our knowledge, share experience and teach new young employees.

Visitor relations, zoo affairs, the history of the zoo and the young naturalist circle, media relations, environmental ethics, emergency response are just some of the topics covered by the training.  In addition, within the framework of the curriculum, the heads of the zoological departments will present their departments, reveal the peculiarities of working in them and introduce them to their wards - the animals of the new expositions of the zoo.

All employees of the zoo, without exception, will be involved in group training: representatives of the administration, zoologists, livestock specialists, animal care workers.  Thanks to the interactive approach, the audience will be maximally involved in the topic, and therefore, an excellent result will not be long in coming!