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The parrot that started it all
23 July 2021

An amazing bird named Johnny lives in our zoo, the parrot previously lived in the reception room of Kharkiv City Council and, perhaps, it was he who inspired Gennady Adolfovich to create a paradise for animals in the very center of his beloved city.

Johnny lives in a friendly company of other macs, feels comfortable and manifests himself as a friendly bird.  Our Johnny is a real sweet tooth, he loves sweet fruits very much: if he is offered a choice of cherries and cherries, he will, of course, choose sweet and juicy cherries.  He also likes fresh branch feed for fruit trees and willows, which serves as a source of vitamins, accessories for grinding the beak and enriching the environment.

Now the parrots have at their disposal a spacious winter enclosure and soon, in the summer, the birds will live in an aviary with an area of ​​more than 1000 m², where they will be able to fly and nest at the required height.  In nature, birds choose subtropical and tropical forests and savannahs for their residence, therefore, winter aviaries of parrots are equipped with devices to maintain the microclimate throughout the year.