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The great inhabitants of Africa
11 August 2021

The largest and most powerful inhabitant of rivers and lakes in Africa, finally, has the opportunity to fully master his incredible and spacious summer enclosure of the African Safari Exposition Zone.  This is, of course, about our hippopotamus Stepanida.

A spacious summer aviary with an area of ​​688 m² fascinates at first glance, the sandy cover, a large lake-pool, which forms an additional 508 m², immediately fascinated our Stepanida.  The pool is equipped with electric shepherds around the perimeter, which create a kind of water corridor and separate the hippopotamus from visitors, such a solution will help not only create safe conditions, but also protect Stepanida from unnecessary treats from visitors.  In addition, the pool is equipped with modern filters that create a constant circulation, which is also important for the welfare of animals that spend most of their time in the water.

African safari welcomes not only the hippo, but also our pair of Nile crocodiles, Jemu and Senya.  And now our crocodiles live in a new exhibition enclosure, with a total area of ​​116 m², where there is everything you need: a spacious pool with a filtration system that provides round-the-clock water circulation.  As well as a water heating system that helps maintain the required temperature all year round.  In addition, the aviary is equipped with infrared lamps, under which reptiles love to bask.  And also with ultraviolet lamps, which serve as a source of UV rays.  Therefore, we can say with confidence that our connoisseurs of water spaces liked the new enclosures, and we pleased them.