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Swan rescue
29 December 2021

Bad weather is troublesome not only for people, but also for animals.  Especially when the animal is exhausted or injured.  So, our zoo was approached by caring people who found a swan near the town of Merefa.  For a while, the locals simply watched the bird, but its behavior and condition caused concern.  Therefore, the solution was: to transport it to the zoo and show it to specialists.

The rescued bird turned out to be a mute swan.  This is the largest species among all swans and the entire order of Anseriformes.  For Kharkiv region, such a bird is not uncommon.  But with the approach of cold weather, mute swans fly away to warm lands, this one stayed for the winter in our area.  The bird may have been unable to fly away due to injury or exhaustion.  And if not for the people, his fate could have been tragic.  The fact is that these birds definitely need non-freezing water and a sufficient amount of feed.  The swan, on the other hand, was in a forest belt and was a tasty object for stray dogs.

During transportation, the bird behaved calmly.  Once in the zoo, she allowed herself to be examined and treated for damage.  Now it's up to a little - to gain strength.  This will be facilitated by an enhanced balanced diet and the care of Kharkiv Zoo specialists!