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Summer study
15 June 2021

Summer health camp at school is about learning and leisure activities.  It is the specialists of Kharkiv Zoo who know how interesting to present information and to captivate children.  Today, students of Kharkiv Lyceum №8, attending the summer camp, set off on such an unusual journey in the zoo world.

An interactive game "Whose eye is this?" was waiting for the children.  Task: guess which animal belongs to the eye on the screen.  A bonus for getting the right answer is a set of facts about animal eyes.  For example, that flies see in slow motion and have compound eyes that seem to consist of many small eyes;  and the chameleon's eyes move asynchronously: when one eye looks down, the other can contemplate what is above;  and that the owl's eyes do not actually glow, but simply reflect the light.

The hardest thing for the children was to guess the eye of an octopus.  There were so many options: the eyes of a crocodile, and a monitor lizard, and a turtle.  But there was a special reward for such a difficult task.  After the children learned that an octopus, like a snail, is a mollusk, the participants in the game met a snail named Zhenya.  The ward of our zoo so fascinated the schoolchildren, after completing the game he received the title: "Guest of honor of the gymnasium №8".

But the eyes of a fly, a chameleon, an owl, an elephant, a chimpanzee, a snake and a chicken were guessed by children in a matter of seconds.  As a result, friendship and desire for new knowledge won!