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Striped holiday
16 May 2021

Today our handsome striped Amur tiger Elisey is celebrating his anniversary.  The big kitten is 5 years old!  Elisey arrived at Kharkiv Zoo at the age of seven months as part of the program of the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

During this time, a tiger cub weighing 35 kilograms has become a majestic tiger weighing more than 200 kilograms.  The character of the birthday person has also changed.  If earlier Elisey was shy and careful, now he behaves like a confident hunter: he likes to sit in ambush, instantly reacts to any noise or appearance of a person.

But there is something that remains unchanged.  The tiger is very playful and curious.  Loves to play with water or snow.  After various fun, both mood and appetite are excellent.  During the day, the handsome man feasts on ten kilograms of meat (beef, horse meat, poultry), eggs, vitamin supplements and live food are also included in the diet.

Very soon Elisey is waiting for another holiday - housewarming, the tiger will settle in the extraordinary beauty of the location called "Tiger Trail".