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Stars of Madagascar
16 August 2021

The most famous primates of the island of Madagascar, ring lemurs, have finally settled in Kharkiv Zoo.  Now the African safari exposition area has become even more interesting and unique.

Lemurs are very mobile and inquisitive animals, therefore, creating their property, a lot of attention was paid to the systems of enriching the environment, the area of ​​the apartments with a zoological compartment is 45 m².  The aviary is finished with multi-level sculptural concrete and contains many wooden elements, which, in addition to the artistic painting of the walls, take us to the picturesque island of Madagascar.

In our family of lemurs there are 3 females and 2 males, they are 2-3 years old, so we can say that they are all peers with similar interests.  In their group there is a dominant female Kosh, who shows her leadership qualities to her fellows.  She is very sociable and loves to ride on her back, so she never misses the moment to climb onto the back of the keeper, who is in the aviary.

Now the friendly company is just exploring its property, but you can already see that the primates feel comfortable, show interest in all the variety of entertainment and, of course, take all the treats with great pleasure.