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Senya is a "Cinderella"
17 September 2021

Today is birthday of our Nile crocodile Senya.  And this is an excellent reason not only for congratulations, but also to pay attention to the fate of the Nile crocodiles and smaller crocodiles - caimans - in captivity.  After all, basically people give birth to these animals as pets, without experience and information about them.

First, such reptiles require ample space.  Therefore, the size of an aquarium or a small terrarium is not enough for them.  If, as the animal grows, its apartments are not expanded, this will lead to injury to the crocodile, rickets and deformation of internal organs may appear.

Secondly, crocodiles require a balanced diet with the use of vitamin and mineral supplements.

Thirdly, under no circumstances should these reptiles be released into open water bodies - rivers, lakes, etc.  - here they are doomed to die.

Such a tragic fate could befall Senya.  Previously, the crocodile was in a private collection, lived in an aquarium and had to delight office visitors.  And when it could hardly fit into this aquarium, the owners gave crocodile to our zoo and saved its life.  And as if in a fairy tale about Cinderella, a cramped aquarium turned into a luxurious apartment.  Now in Kharkiv Zoo near Senya there is a very comfortable exposition enclosure with a spacious pool with a total area of ​​116 m2, the crocodile has a friend - a female Dzhema, and this is the only pair of Nile crocodiles in zoos in Ukraine that reproduces.

Congratulations to our birthday boy and once again remind you: we become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.