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Golden pheasant
Golden pheasant
One of the brightest representatives of the pheasant family.
Type: Chordates
Class: Birds
Order: Chicken
Family: Pheasant
Genus: Collar pheasants
Species: Golden Pheasant
General Settings
  • Habitat - mountain subtropical forests of Central China.
  • Length with tail - up to 150 cm.
  • Weight - up to 900 g.
  • The diet includes leaves and shoots of various shrubs, bamboo, rhododendron flowers. Its often small insects and spiders.
  • Life expectancy is up to 15 years.

In case of danger, golden pheasants flee and use their wings only in extreme cases.

Social behavior

Sedentary birds lead a solitary way of life. It is extremely rare to keep in small groups. During the day they are on the ground, at night they settle in tall trees.


Females of the golden pheasant become sexually mature at the age of 1 year, males - at 2 years. The clutch contains 5-12 eggs. The incubation period lasts 22-23 days. Only female incubates. Approximately two weeks after hatching, the chicks begin to fly and spend the night in the trees with their mother.

Species and people

In modern conditions, golden pheasants breed well in captivity. As a result, the need to catch them in nature has practically disappeared, which has a positive effect on the state of the natural pheasant population in China.

Interesting Facts

In Great Britain there is a "free" population of golden pheasants, which was formed from individuals that flew free.

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