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Helmet (common) basilisk
Helmet (common) basilisk
Unusual tropical lizard running on water.
Type: Chordates
Class: Reptiles
Order: Scaly
Family: Corytofan
Genus: Basilisks
Species: Helmet Basilisk
General Settings
  • Habitat - tropical rainforests of Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia and Panama.
  • Length - 30-75 cm.
  • Weight - 200-600 gr.
  • Diet - new greens, fruits, insects, snails, small frogs.
  • Life expectancy is up to 10 years.

The color of the helmeted Basilisk ranges from bright green to brownish olive. But offspring, obtained in captivity, often have a bluish green color.

Social behavior

The helmeted basilisk is an animal that lives in a strictly defined area, where you can find only one male and two or three females. Two males do not get along in the same territory.


Sexual maturity occurs at 1.5–2 years. During the season, the female lays 3–4 clutches of 10–20 eggs each. Newborn lizards weigh about 2 g.

Species and people

For keeping in the terrarium, it is necessary to choose only basilisks bred in captivity, since animals caught in the wild almost never live long - they very poorly tolerate transportation and changing habitat conditions.

Interesting Facts

On the surface of the water, the basilisk can run up to 400 meters at a speed of 12 km / h.

Two-thirds of the basilisk is its tail, and the comb on the head is to attract the attention of  females and scare rivals away.

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