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Pingvini at the zoo
20 October 2021

A long-awaited and truly sensational event: Humboldt penguins arrived at our zoo from Germany. For the first time in the history of the Kharkiv Zoo, these animals will be exhibited here. Furthermore, today in Ukraine Humboldt penguins can be seen only in Kharkiv!

Three females - Margaret, Agatha and Charlotte - came to Kharkiv from the zoo in Bochum as part of the program of the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA). Animals are given to us for the preservation and reproduction of the species. Because our collection will be replenish by 10 individuals — males and females. As soon as the three beauties found themselves in the aviary, they began to behave very confidently: they immediately went to the pool, dived and began to explore the water space.  But they do not go to the land yet. But, consider to the adaptation period, it is absolutely normal for penguins to stay in the water for a few days. They sleep on it, and there they eat their favorite fish - herring. 

The penguin aviary in the "World of Coasts" exposition have been built according to a project approved by the EAZA, which takes into account all the conditions for the comfortable live for animals and the work of staff. The penguins have an open enclosure with an area of more than 600 m2, which joined to the penguin housing building with an indoor aviary of 100 m2. In both aviaries there are spacious deep pools, artificial rocks with nests, automatic drinkers. Now the penguins live in the indoor aviary. For the comfort of their wards, the keepers maintain the air temperature here at 16-18 ° C, also thet keep the required temperature and salinity of the water.