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Novice monkeys
07 December 2020

In order to find themselves in our zoo, the Japanese macaques Ros and Nida went through many stages: first, preliminary quarantine, then a short trip and again quarantine. Now they are new residents of Kharkiv Zoo.

They arrived from Nikolaiv Zoo, where they were born. Both monkeys are three years old, they are playful and love each other's company. Therefore, during the preliminary quarantine for a month in Nikolaiv Zoo, the animals did not get bored. During this time, the workers of the zoo-veterinarian service carried out close observation of their wards, obligatory diagnostic examinations and preventive deworming were carried out.

Easily and quickly Ros and Nida overcame the path from Nikolaiv to Kharkiv. The journey lasted 7 hours, during the trip the monkeys entertained themselves with goodies - they ate juicy fruits with appetite, especially the pear.

Ros and Nida went through quarantine in Kharkiv Zoo and soon the couple will move to the exposition enclosures - part of a large exposition called "Far East". And these are two winter enclosures with an area of 23 m2 each, and two external enclosures with an area of 433 m2 and 388 m2. The new house has a lot of "interesting things" to enrich the environment: ropes, swings, suspended structures, puzzles, cozy houses and comfortable shelves. All from natural materials, which brings animals as close as possible to the natural conditions of existence.