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New life for turtles
08 July 2021

In the modern world, zoos play a vital role in nature conservation.  One of the directions is rehabilitation with subsequent reintroduction, or the return of certain species of wild animals to their natural habitat.

About  10 European marsh turtles have returned to the wild today.  In Ukraine, the marsh turtle is found in forest, forest-steppe and steppe regions and often falls into the hands of humans.  There are no marsh turtles in the collection of Kharkiv Zoo, but every year Kharkiv citizens try to "save" or play enough to bring us marsh turtles and other animals.

You need to understand that turtles do not require our help at all.  If you meet a turtle on the road, then this female is looking for a suitable place for laying.  If nothing interferes with her, then it is better not to interfere with the natural course of things.  In addition, you must always remember that we are responsible for those we have trained, and if you doubt that it is necessary to provide proper care in the next 30-40 years, it is better not to have such a pet.

Of course, the zoo cannot refuse and accept turtles.  We have them going through a kind of rehabilitation period, as they are often in the wrong conditions and do not have a balanced diet.  In the future, the turtles return to the wild, in fact, to where they were removed by humans.

Employees of Kharkiv Zoo went to the national natural park "Gomolshanskiy forests" in order to return the turtles to the wild.  The national park is a favorable habitat for the animal and bird fauna of our region.  In addition, they should be exposed to ultraviolet light, and therefore successfully prepare for hibernation, so that they use enough time to stock up on nutrients and properly receive ultraviolet radiation, and therefore successfully prepare for hibernation.