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New house of green monkeys
30 November 2020

There is a housewarming in a large family of primates in Kharkiv Zoo . This time, immigrants from East Africa - green monkeys, which got their name from a kind of green “cap” - are starting to settle in their new home. In nature, these primates live in savannas and on the edges of the forests on the African continent.

Green monkeys lead an arboreal lifestyle, however, monkeys often go down to the ground in search of food and run beautifully on it. We took all this into account when creating new apartments, the area of which, together with the zoological compartments, is 89 m2. The aviary contains multi-level wooden platforms, shelves, grottoes, trees and branches. It has various hammocks, ropes, ladders and drinkers. The aviary is built with multi-level sculpted concrete, which imitates rocks.

Having got used to it a little, the primates have begun to study and test various environmental enrichment systems, inspect their new possessions with great interest and observe what is happening behind the aviary through the display glass. The adaptation process will take some time, but even now we can say with confidence that our green monkeys will definitely not get bored here and will always find something to do.