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Magic holiday
21 December 2021

On December 19, on Day of St. Nicholas, many kids and adults visited Kharkiv Zoo, and some of them took part in our creative initiative and personally created New Year's gifts for the favorites of Kharkiv Zoo!  We showed real care and creativity, thanks to you, our animals received figuratively carved goodies from fruits and vegetables, and real apple and grain cakes, and of course New Year's decorations!  So we placed natural and edible gifts in animal enclosures, and others outside the homes of our pets.

St. Nicholas Day is permeated with kindness, selflessness and generosity.  Therefore, on this day, goodness always wins: no one is left without gifts, and thanks to you, our kind and talented visitors and our favorites of Kharkiv zoo: mustachioed, striped and tailed.  But gifts were awaited not only for our animals, but also for small and adult friends of the zoo: New Year's sets of sweets from Kharkiv mayor Ihor Oleksandrovych Terekhov, as well as with a fabulous image of the favorites of Kharkiv Zoo, did not leave anyone indifferent!  Doing good is simple and pleasant!  So we hope that today's holiday will become a good tradition for our zoo!