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Large migration of coati
26 November 2020

The reconstruction is continuing, and our animals move one by one to new modern enclosures of the corresponding expositions. Coati got their piece of South America at Kharkiv Zoo. The female and the male, who are each other's aunt and nephew, are actively settling in new possessions - two unique aviaries of 25 m2 each. The uniqueness lies in the fact that literally every centimeter of space is used extremely effectively.

Three levels can be conventionally distinguished in the aviaries. The first is a floor covered with coniferous bark. The second one is a platform with houses, stationary crossings, stairs. And the third level contains shelves on the walls and various suspended structures (stairs, bridges) imitating living branches. For coati, such "options" are extremely important, since these animals climb and jump well.

The filling of the enclosures with the use of natural materials (wood, bark) and the incredible beauty of the wall decoration - reliefs from sculpted concrete and art painting - also contributes to the approach to nature.

Now coati are mastering their apartments. So far, the animals treat everything with caution, and have already chosen their favorite places - a cozy corner on one of the shelves where the animals rest, as if in a secluded place made of fern branches, and one of the houses where coati usually go after a delicious meal.

The enclosures are equipped with a video surveillance system so the keepers can monitor their pupils 24 hours. But visitors will be able to observe the coati through the display glass without going inside the room.

For reference. These inhabitants of South America got their name for the elongated muzzle, and the nose, together with the front part of the upper lip, forms a mobile proboscis. Coati walk slowly. But they can run very quickly over short distances in a kind of gallop. They climb trees well. Able to make sounds similar to bird chirping, grunting, puffing and snoring.