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Young Naturalists` Club begins a new education year

Back in 1925, the first director of the zoo, Nikolai Petrovich Ewald, founded Young Naturalists` club, having assigned his children there, and since then the society of young zoo biologists has been working in Kharkiv Zoo. Classes on animal care, as well as theoretical training in biology, ecology and zoo business help students to understand their interests and hobbies and, possibly, choose a profession of biological or veterinary profile.

The latest six months have been special - in the spring, due to anti-epidemic measures, students ' classes were limited and switched to online. However, with the beginning of the new school year, we resumed classes at the zoo. This year, a special feature of the educational process will be outdoor classes-when the weather allows it. So, one of the first classes dedicated to proboscis animals took place directly near the elephant enclosures, where chairs from the classroom had been brought. Also this year, study trips and field trips are planned. And the rest of the time we will holds classes on the basis of the House of young naturalists in the zoo.

The club accepts students over the age of 12. Classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays. The teacher is Natalia Nikolaevna, tel. 050 253 59 69