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"Island" of beauty
25 June 2021

A very interesting and original exposition of our zoo called "Tiger Trail" has become even more beautiful.  And it's not only about new open-air cages and amazing landscapes - the most beautiful ducks in the world - mandarin ducks and carolines - are also celebrating housewarming here.  These birds have been decorating park reservoirs in different countries of the world for many centuries.

Now in Kharkiv Zoo at the disposal of the beauties of the bird world, an open mesh enclosure with an area of ​​457 m2.  Birds will be exhibited there for a whole year.  Therefore, the details were taken into account.  In particular, the pool in the aviary is circulating, so the water will not freeze in winter.  The ceiling is combined: a grid and a kind of awnings so that the birds can use natural light, if necessary, they hide in the shade or take shelter from the weather.

Now birds are happy to splash in the water, rest on logs or crowd around the feeders.  The feed trays are filled with various grains (wheat, barley), vegetables (carrots, cabbage, onions, beets), fruits (apples, pears) and berries (raspberries, currants).  Automatic drinkers are also available for birds.

There is a small house in the center of the aviary.  However, he is still waiting for his masters.  Over time, Japanese cranes will join mandarins and carolins.