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Date: By appointment
Location address: Address: 61058, Kharkov, st. Sumskaya, 35. (metro station "University")
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They are very strange animals. They are very interesting animals. Finally, they are one of the most smuggled animals in the world. Despite years of prohibition, pangolins have become lucrative prey for poachers because of their meat and scales. In Asian countries, it is believed that the scales of pangolins are a cure for various diseases. In fact, the composition of the scales is similar to nail clippings, cow hooves, hair. These are keratin proteins that do not have healing properties.

What is it like to be a pangolin in the 21st century? The answer will not be long in coming.

Duration: 30-45 minutes

Language: Ukrainian / Russian / English

Group: up to 60 people

Phone number: 050-301-37-75

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