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the zoo
Date: By appointment
Location address: Address: 61058, Kharkov, st. Sumskaya, 35. (metro station "University")
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A lecture is on various ways of self-defense of animals. The focus is on turtles and their conservation issues. If a person can mix up a legless lizard with a snake, and a crocodile with a large monitor lizard, but you will never mix up turtles with anyone – as these representatives of the reptile class are bright and unique. Now "tortillas" look the same as those days when dinosaurs reigned on Earth. The shells of these reptiles have different shapes, but most importantly, they protect their owner, because it is a kind of bone house.

About this and much more you will find out in a fascinating lecture.

Duration: 30-45 minutes

Language: Ukrainian / Russian / English

Group: up to 60 people

Phone number: 050-301-37-75

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