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The world of the Tropics
The world of the Tropics
Date: By appointment
Location address: Address: 61058, Kharkov, st. Sumskaya, 35. (metro station "University")
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Discover the vast biodiversity of the tropics. The focus of the exhibition is on the "Elephant Kingdom" and "Gondwana".

The" Elephant Kingdom " is dominated by the land giants-Asian elephants. Under the" side " of the elephants, small, inconspicuous-looking damans settled.

"Gondwana" is an exhibition presented by the inhabitants of the continents that were once united in the giant mega-continent of Gondwana. "South America" is represented by brown capuchins, marmosets, agouti and tapirs, "Africa" - green monkeys, and" Australia " - Bennett's kangaroo, emu, black swans and parrots.

Duration: 45 minutes

Language: Ukrainian / Russian / English

Group: from 1 to 15 people

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