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Birds of the morning
15 February 2021

The bird of the morning dawn-pink flamingo-a symbol of hope and fulfillment of desires. For most people, it represents beauty and grace. Pink color is associated with tenderness, dreaminess and love. According to scientists, these birds were born in places with a hot and humid climate, and the name of the birds was given by Latin Americans. In their dictionary there is the word "flamma", which means"fire". The plumage of these birds really looks like fire - very bright. There is even a legend in which the mythical bird "phoenix" was reborn into a fiery flamingo.

This time the flamingos of Kharkiv zoo fulfilled their own dream and moved to the new amazing apartments of "South America". A friendly company of 14 individuals harmoniously merged into their tropical corner. The winter flamingo enclosure is equipped with everything they need: the room has right air temperature, the pool is supplied with warm water, and the ceiling is equipped with a ventilation system. Not only the microclimatic conditions have been taken into account, but also the aesthetic ones: the pool is decorated with sculptural concrete in the form of stones around the perimeter, art paintings on the walls and imitation rocks. All this composition is complemented by flowerpots with live plants, creating the unique tropical atmosphere.