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Fox's Day
01 November 2020

Every year on November 1, a holiday is celebrated - Fox's Day. Initially in England, this day was the opening of the horse hunting season of the local nobility with hounds on foxes. On the trail of the foxes, a flock of foxgounds was launched, and while the dogs barked after their prey, a cavalcade of horsemen rushed after them with a whoop. All this lasted until the fox was driven away or she was lucky and she could finally escape.

The fox has long occupied an important place in the folklore of different peoples, including Europe. The quick wits and easy adaptability of this beautiful predator to life next to humans, the ability to “use the fruits” of the peasant's labor causes a far from unambiguous attitude towards her on the part of people. Its beautiful and prized fur also contributed to the popularity of fox hunting, which often took on the character of "sport". If the ordinary population was limited to trapping and rifle fishing, then people with a higher social status for entertainment gave hunting a "sporting" character. In our country, once, it was hunting with hounds and greyhounds, and in Central Asia with hunting golden eagles, etc.

Times are changing, in the countries of Europe, in the USA, Canada, as well as in our country, the way of life of the rural population has changed dramatically. For intensive poultry farming, the fox has lost all significance as a pest. Her fur has long gone out of fashion, so fox hunting has lost its former popularity. The movement of animal rights has led to the fact that since 2004, for reasons of humanity in the UK, hunting foxes with hounds has been banned.

All this led to a natural increase in the number of foxes. In our country, this animal has always been very common and popular, and in recent decades it has become the most common inhabitant of not only the suburbs, but also large populous cities of Ukraine. Poultry and rabbits in private households have long lost their meaning. Now, foxes are primarily attracted to garbage bins and dumps with food waste. Unlike lazy homeless cats, abundantly fed by kind-hearted ladies, they tirelessly hunt mice and rats, catch pigeons and in every possible way play the role of orderly in cities and villages. In recent years, they have often started hunting stray cats, especially kittens. In addition, the fox can also feast on the personal plot, eating various plants, berries, fruits and fruits.

Often in the Ukrainian media, discussions arise about the widespread spread of rabies among foxes. In civilized countries, this problem has long been resolved. There, food baits with oral anti-rabies vaccine are widely scattered. They are eaten not only by foxes, but also by other predatory mammals and hedgehogs. And it's high time for us to think about it!

What can we recommend? Foxes are used to coming to people. They feel comfortable when there are no aggressive dogs nearby. When a healthy wild fox sees a person, it will normally avoid it. If a predator is infected with rabies or another disease, it loses its sense of fear. Therefore, it is dangerous to try to feed and pet the fox. You can become infected with rabies not only with a bite, but also when saliva gets on the skin, even if there is not a single scratch on it.

The realities of life are such that in fact, we ourselves force wild animals to move to our homes, feeding foxes, creating comfortable conditions for them and destroying their natural habitat. Fox Day is another reason to be responsible for red predators.