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House with balloons for Stepanida
22 December 2020

A native resident of  Kharkiv zoo - hippo Stepanida celebrates her birthday on December 22. The birthday girl turned 28 years old.

In the midst of the zoo reconstruction, many animals received new houses and moved. Therefore, a gift with meaning was prepared for Stepanida. An edible house with balloons made of hay, carrots, pumpkins, beets and apples. The gift is a hint that in the nearest future our hippo will get a new, cozy, spacious house.

Stepanida accepted the food with curiosity and impatience. It started the meal with pumpkin balloons. The birthday girl eagerly collected its contents: pieces of pumpkin, carrots and apples. Crunching the food, she reached the roof of the house. Opening it, she began to pick out the pieces of vegetables laid out on the base of the hay house, and then began to eat the hay itself.

The treat, a house with balloons made our birthday girl happy. And we are sure when our hippo Stepanida will get her new home, she will be very happy.