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House of Dreams
12 May 2021

After exploring the summer enclosure, the elephants Aung and Tandy are exploring the new building of the "Kingdom of the Elephants" complex with internal enclosures, the total area of which is 1,737 m2.  And this is the largest object of the zoo!

Winter enclosures for elephants are four zootechnical enclosures and one exhibition enclosure.  In the latter there is a pool, a waterfall is at the disposal of the elephants, the columns are trimmed with a wooden bar for combing, the drinkers are automatic, and there are feeders in the walls.  There are also special top troughs for hanging feed as elements of enrichment of the environment.  There is sand on the floor.  And this speaks of a completely new standard for the maintenance of elephants.  After all, the sandy cover provides a qualitatively different level of well-being of these animals.  And in Ukraine, the sand cover for elephants was first used at Kharkiv Zoo.

Despite the large number of everything ultra-modern, Aung got used to his new possessions very quickly, as he lived here all the time.  But Tandy still treats her apartments with caution and, like a real mistress, tests everything for strength.

Observe the life of elephants, interestingly, through glass.  A special cable fence is responsible for the safe distance, which will not allow you to come too close to the glass.