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High flying birds
18 October 2021

What is important to birds?  Control the rival, keep an eye on the partner and have a good view of the territory.  All these requirements are met by a very spacious airplane, which is actively mastered by 3 white-tailed eagles and 2 steppe eagles.  At the disposal of birds is an area of ​​almost 300 m2, a swimming pool, various perches.  There is also a special attachment for training and viewing birds.  The height of the enclosure is impressive - about 10 meters.

In large nesting houses, keepers have already begun to equip nests.  Of course, the birds are responsible for the final appearance of the nest and the comfort in it, while the caretakers provided their wards with the required amount of building materials - various branches.

Both the white-tailed eagle and the steppe eagle are birds of prey of the Falconiformes order, the Hawk family.  Birds treat each other calmly.  Such a world can only be shaken by situations when the interests of birds intersect in the matter of feed or during the nesting period.

But we are convinced that a sufficient amount of feed, as well as the presence of two houses, will exclude any conflicts.  And the birds will also delight visitors with a majestic view and impressive flights.