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Happy anniversary!
10 January 2022

Today the veteran of Kharkiv Zoo Valentina Petrovna Sevastyanova turns 80!  Valentina Petrovna began her career in our zoo in 1969 as head of the bird department.  Thanks to the high level of biological education and the decisive nature of the new head, affairs in the department quickly went up, and already in the 80s of the twentieth century, one of the best ornithological collections was formed in Kharkiv Zoo.  And the department became an innovator and pioneer in the natural reproduction of many species of geese, ducks, pheasants, birds of prey, cranes, parrots and owls.

The staff of Kharkiv Zoo sincerely congratulates Valentina Petrovna Sevastyanova on her Jubilee!  Your professional path and achievements certainly inspire young specialists of Kharkiv Zoo to new achievements.  Thank you for your unlimited dedication to your beloved work and we sincerely wish you energy and optimism, health and strength, long happy years, prosperity, warmth and comfort!