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Grand canyon
09 August 2021

Now Kharkiv Zoo has its own grand canyon.  This is how the aviary of maned rams looks like, which are presented in the exposition "Inhabitants of the Mountains".  In the possession of 4 males and 5 females, an area of ​​more than 700 square meters, where a cascading waterfall and a stream provide coolness on hot days and create an amazing atmosphere.

The aviary itself is decorated with natural stone, the bottom of the canyon is covered with fine gravel, which is very important.  Because maned rams need abrasive materials to grind down their hooves naturally.  In the center there are cliff-houses or grottoes, where maned rams can rest, hide from bad weather or prying eyes.  The animals are spacious, interesting and tasty.  For the last point, the feeders for hay, vegetables and grains are responsible.  Thirst is quenched with the help of automatic drinkers.  Everything for maned rams, which are listed in the Red Book as a vulnerable species.

Comfortable conditions are also provided for visitors who can watch the maned rams from above along the perimeter of the enclosure.  This will allow you to enjoy the picture of wildlife without interfering with the life of animals.