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Flight to the new
01 April 2021

On the occasion of the International Bird Day, all birds of Kharkiv Zoo received congratulations.  But the emu and the black swan combined a "professional" holiday and housewarming.  Both birds moved to new enclosures in the Gondwana exhibition.

The emu first of all measured the perimeter of the new holdings with steps.  Its spacious aviary is decorated with sculpted concrete imitating rocks.  There is soft straw on the floor.  Automatic drinkers allow birds to drink according to their wishes and needs.  The feeders are filled with various feeds on schedule.  The diet of the emu includes cereals (oats, wheat, barley, corn, peas), vegetables (carrots, beets, cabbage, onions), fruits, bread, meat, from additives - grass, fish and bone meal.  Everything is thought out to the smallest detail - a warm winter enclosure has access to the summer one, where kangaroo Benetta soon joins the bird.

Now a handsome black swan has settled next to the emu.  It is also a winter "house" of a swan with a pool decorated with natural stone.  The upper "floors" of the aviary will eventually be occupied by neighbors - colorful inhabitants of the forests of Australia - rosella parrots.  Houses, branches and poles have already been arranged for them.  In warm seasons, the swan will become the "pearl" of a pond of amazing beauty, where it will be exhibited together with large fish.