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Festive relocation
14 December 2020

Every year, on December 14, many zoos around the world participate in the celebration dedicated to primates. On this day in 2000  the International Day of the Apes appeared, at the moment it does not have an official status, but thanks to zoologists and zookeepers around the world, it has become very popular. Zoos can give animals comfortable environment and a rich diet. Therefore, this year the main gift for all our primates is move to new aviaries.

This time, the key to their new apartments was given to one of the smallest representatives of the primate family - the common marmosets. Their new winter aviary, which has an area of almost 34 m2, looks like real jungle. Along the entire plane of the walls there are many shelves and houses that resemble hollows, many natural trees and branches, ropes, ladders, hammocks and various structures for climbing. Adam, Luntik and Masyanya are still cautious about such an abundance of environmental enrichment systems, look closely and gradually begin to adapt to the new enclosure. In the future, it is planned to diversify the friendly company with other residents of the selva, namely agouti and sloth.