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Don't touch babies outdoors!
30 April 2021

May holidays are the time for outdoor activities.  Coming to rest in a forest or a river, a person begins to behave like an owner.  But we are guests of nature!  The wildlife world has its own laws that must be respected.  Do not make noise, do not leave garbage, do not burn fires, do not pick primroses and, which is especially important in spring, at the time when offspring are born, do not touch the young of wild animals.

Having seen a cub (chick), an animal in a person can cause the thought: lost, abandoned, wounded, parents died - and as a result - a desire to save, take home and go out.  However, the best solution when meeting a wild animal, be it a cub or an adult, is to simply observe and walk by without attracting attention.

The fact is that the young of wild animals from the very first days of life can hide in complete solitude.  And this does not mean at all that the baby was left alone or lost.  A lurking cub or chick is most likely waiting for parents who will feed him or take him to a safer place.  You should not even touch it, as the slightest smell can scare the mother away.

In the event that you saw that a chick has fallen out of the nest, you do not need to touch it, take it home or try to feed it.  Walking by is usually enough.  Acceptable: if there is a roadway or path nearby, carefully transfer the chick to the nearest bushes or trees, plant it on a branch - the parents will soon find it.

And remember: the best habitat for wildlife is the wilderness!