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Children's Zoo

The exposition is unique in that young students work and study here.  This is their zoo, where young children acquire unique experience and practical skills in caring for a wide variety of wild animals.

Little guests of our zoo are allowed here to touch, stroke, feed a variety of animals.  Only here and nowhere else children are able to enjoy direct communication with them, to feel joy and delight from their impressions.

Giant African land snail
The world's largest land snail.
Little owl
It got its name for the fact that it often settles in human buildings.
Swamp Owl
Most often other owls hunt in the daytime.
Annam walking stick
Grotesque appearance makes him a master of disguise.
Scops owl
A small owl whose plumage resembles tree bark in color.
Nice "squirrel", inhabitant of stony biotopes overgrown with bushes.
Indian porcupine
The largest rodent is the "needle-bearer" of Eurasia.
Common peacock
One of the most beautiful birds in the world because of its luxurious plumage.
Long-eared owl
The most common and numerous owl in Ukraine. It even nests in city gardens and parks.