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Dema’s first birthday
05 August 2021

Our adorable baby giraffe Dema, who came to us recently from Odessa, is 1 year old!  The holiday is also special because it is the first birthday that Dema celebrates at Kharkiv Zoo.  Therefore, from the very morning we prepared and worried, and the birthday man waited and kept calm.

As a gift for the spotted handsome man, the zoo prepared a festive tree - a huge heap of fresh willow branches, which Dema adores, decorated with juicy berries, fruits and vegetables: raspberries, melon, apricot, watermelon, grapefruit, grapes, carrots.  The composition was completed with two willow hearts and the inscription: "Happy birthday!"

But the tree served not only as a festive treat, but also carried predictions in itself - each deliciousness meant something.  For example, watermelon means sweet life, carrots mean good eyesight, and grapes mean good mood.  The first thing that Dema chose was an apricot, the meaning of which is “the most attractive”.  After the apricot, the birthday boy moved on to other "fruits" of the tree, having tasted everything.  Perhaps now Dema thinks that raspberries and carrots grow on trees?

But the gifts and surprises did not end there.  Children, participants of the contest for the birthday of the giraffe, came to visit Dema, who drew very beautiful, funny and original drawings.  Little Kharkiv citizens were awaited by an excursion to Kharkiv Zoo, they saw the birthday boy and received souvenirs.  Just imagine, the dolphins of Kharkiv Dolphinarium, Zlata and Luna, also took part in the drawing competition, depicting a giraffe and his house in bright colors!

Even Igor Terekhov came to congratulate our Dema.  The giraffe ate a cake-gift from the secretary of Kharkiv city council in a matter of minutes, after which he happily walked through the enclosure. Dema's first birthday was intense, fun and delicious!