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Deer new home
21 October 2020

The Far East exposition has another new resident. A female Far Eastern sika deer settled next to the company of Japanese macaques. While Lily, that is the name of the graceful beauty, is settling in the property herself. But over time, a male and several females will join her.

The new "house" for sika deer consists of two open enclosures, with an area of ​​388 m2 and 1353 m2. The deer will stay here for a whole year, as they are adapted to different temperature indicators. In order to shelter from rain or blizzards, awnings are provided in the aviaries. Here you can also see houses for Japanese macaques and raccoon dogs, since it is assumed that these animals will be exhibited together.

Lily adapted quickly to the luxurious domain. Of course, the attention was instantly drawn to the succulent grass. Pinching it is the deer's favorite pastime. The female was also oriented in the location of the feeders and drinkers.

Stumps, logs, driftwood, trees - the principles of natural materials and maximum approximation to nature are observed in the enclosures. Both enclosures are equipped with electric fences and a video surveillance system for animals. In a large aviary in certain exhibition areas, moats are located, thanks to which visitors can observe the animals without barriers at all. In the smaller enclosure, only glass separates visitors from the animals. Therefore, the review will be great!

For reference. The habitat of sika deer is southern Primorye. In the early 30s of the twentieth century, it was brought to the middle zone of the European part of Russia, to some regions of Ukraine and the Caucasus. The body length of males is about 2 m. The height at the withers is 95-112 cm. The weight is 75-130 kg. Females are smaller. The basis of the diet is grass, leaves of trees and shrubs, bark, acorns.