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the zoo
Zoo weekend
08 November 2021

To spend a weekend with a zoo, and even without leaving the limits of their microdistrict - this weekend residents of Pivnichna Saltovka had such an opportunity this weekend.  Thematic contests, quizzes and master classes captivated both young and adult participants in a matter of minutes.

We have prepared an entertainment and educational program as diverse as possible, but at one point or another associated with Kharkiv Zoo or its wards.  The children were especially interested in the master class, where it was possible to create a bear or an owl from cones and threads.  Or, with the help of sparkles, paint a favorite animal of our zoo - here the leader was a white swan.  It was possible to test knowledge in the quiz "The most terrible animals: truth and myths", and to receive the title of the best botanist, naming from which tree this or that leaf.  Our restless clown created the atmosphere of celebration and fun with his contests and relay races, as well as witty jokes and original riddles.

As a result, all participants received a positive charge and new knowledge, as well as souvenirs and gifts from Kharkiv Zoo.  And since the activities took place in nature, the weekend turned out to be one hundred percent rewarding!  So, if you want to have an interesting and useful time, decide where to go - choose outdoor activities.  And be healthy!