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Fauna and Art
12 October 2020

Creativity in educational processes has no boundaries. And today the Kharkov Zoo is visiting the Repin Art School. They came not only with an educational lecture, but also with animals as models. The owl Klucha and the stick insect received the honor to be drawn.

The lecture was focused on those facts and characteristics of animals that are of interest to artists. For example, stick insects are very unusual in their proportions, because they are disguised. Their task in life is to be invisible. Therefore, they resemble sticks, leaves. But, talking about the owl, we showed her legs. And they are unusually long. Although, few people know about it.

The children enthusiastically made sketches, clarified with the lecturers the points related to the color of the stick insect or the peculiarities of the owl's plumage, consulted with the teacher on the techniques of execution, and after a while presented the masterpieces. The exhibition prepared by the students of the Repin school is amazing! Amazing, sometimes even humorous plots, vibrant colors and varied techniques. Here is painting, graphics, and a combination of various techniques. Most of the children drew an owl, perhaps because this bird is typical for our region, and the stick insect is still an exotic animal. Some in one drawing combined a stick insect and an owl and even came up with a story of their meeting and the impression of acquaintance.

So the creative scientific experiment was a success! He gave a lot of pleasant emotions and left behind real works of art. Our wards were also satisfied. Still, a whole exhibition has been dedicated to them!