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Warm countries
27 October 2021

For many years, the pond in Gorky Park has been decorated with bright and graceful birds, giving the pond colors, sounds and helping to create a unique atmosphere that is admired by Kharkiv residents and guests of the city.  With the approach of winter, the temperature outside is less and less pleasing with high positive indicators.  And this means that it is time for the birds to go to warmer regions.  Our zoo is such a “warm land” for birds from Gorky Park.  And today 2 white swans, 5 ogars and 5 Canadian geese went on a traditional business trip - from the park to the zoo, where they will stay until spring.

In the zoo, birds have at their disposal warm winter enclosures and a picturesque pond with an area of almost 2500 m².  And also an enhanced winter diet, including a variety of grains (wheat, oats, millet) and vegetables (carrots, beets).

The birds can be called experienced travelers.  This means that everything that happens: the process of transportation, and the change of "residence", the bird company perceives easily and quickly adapts.

As soon as the birds were on the bank of the pond in the zoo, in a matter of seconds they went down to the water and gracefully swam, loudly calling out to each other, which greatly delighted the visitors of the zoo.  By the way, birds really like the attention of people.  This year and in winter there will be enough attention - from the visitors of Kharkiv Zoo.